< What Do Americans Say at the New Year?
By Dr. Jill Robbins
31 December 2021

Hello! This week we answer a question from Maria in Brazil.


I am sending some cards to my American friends. I'd like to know what to write on the cards for the new year.

What Do Americans Say at the New Year?
What Do Americans Say at the New Year?

Maria, Brazil.


Dear Maria,

Thank you for writing to us. In many countries, people send messages at the end of the year or the beginning of the year with greetings and good wishes.

Health and wealth

A popular wish that you will see on a New Year's greeting card is for good health.

Wishing you a healthy and happy new year.

Another popular wish is for happiness and wealth, or prosperity.

We wish you a prosperous and joyful new year.

Joy and peace

Another wish you can write on your cards is for peace and joy for your friends.

Hoping that your new year is filled with joy and peace.

New beginnings

As the new year starts, we may wish them success in new beginnings.

Hoping the new year and your new beginnings bring you much success.

And finally, we can tell our friends how much they mean to us as we look forward to another year. Here is one way to do just that.

Looking forward to another year of being friends with you. Thank you for your friendship!

The VOA Learning English team would like to thank readers like you, Maria, for making 2021 a great year for us. We wish you all a wonderful year of learning together in 2022.

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And that's Ask a Teacher.

I'm Jill Robbins.

Dr. Jill Robbins wrote this lesson for VOA Learning English. Ashley Thompson was the editor.


Words in This Story

greeting – n. something that is said or done to show people that you are happy to meet or see them

prosperity - n. the state of being successful usually by making a lot of money

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