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By Bryan Lynn
04 January 2023

One of the world's biggest technology shows, CES, opens this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show – produced by the Consumer Technology Association – presents some of the latest technology offerings from companies of all sizes.

Here is a look at some top products presented at CES 2023.

Smells in the metaverse

People try virtual reality (VR) goggles during an organised media tour to a demonstration zone of Leyard Photoelectric Group in Beijing, China February 10, 2022. (REUTERS/Florence Lo)
People try virtual reality (VR) goggles during an organised media tour to a demonstration zone of Leyard Photoelectric Group in Beijing, China February 10, 2022. (REUTERS/Florence Lo)

Several companies – notably Facebook parent Meta – have been working on technologies to support a future digital world called the "metaverse."

Metaverse is a term used to describe a non-physical world in which individuals interact through different kinds of digital technology. People would use virtual reality (VR) glasses and other devices to interact with each other in the metaverse.

A company called OVR Technology launched a new wearable device that produces smells, or scents, designed for VR technology. In a video explaining the device, OVR chief Aaron Wisniewski said it is designed to copy the human sense of smell.

The device links smells to elements a person can experience in a digital, VR-powered world. For example, smelling a flower would make the device produce a scent for it. Outdoor environments, such as being in the middle of a field, can also be digitally smelled. The device could also produce the smell of tasty foods as a person in the metaverse walks through shops or restaurants.

OVR Technology says its device is able to produce thousands of different smell combinations. But, it adds that it is not designed to exactly produce smells found in the real world. Instead, the device aims to offer users "a whole new world of possibilities" in digital scent technology.

Wearable VR vest

Developers of the Skinetic wearable device say it is designed to help users experience another basic human sense, touch. Skinetic is a vest equipped with 20 small motors designed to produce many different touch sensations. It is designed for gamers and users of VR technology.

The company said its engineers closely "studied the sensitivity of the human body" in order to map the vest's numerous touch points. This was done to recreate the feelings of touch that can be experienced in video games and digital environments.

Electric skates

French startup AtmosGear launched a new pair of electric inline skates at CES. The company's chief, Mohamed Soliman told The Associated Press the skates permit users to ride about 32 kilometers on a single charge.

AtmosGear said the skates are very fun to ride. But the company also hopes they will be used as another form of transportation, along with the electric bikes and scooters, that help keep many people moving in cities.

A power bag that holds the battery and electrical connections can be worn around a person's waist. The $500 skates can be operated without power, as well.

Digital tattoos

A handheld device presented by South Korean company Prinker permits a person to quickly and easily create temporary tattoos.

The device uses high-quality ink to print thousands of existing designs, but also permits users to create their own. The device can be positioned over the skin where the tattoo is desired. The tattoos are waterproof but can be washed off with cleanser.

The main tattooing device sells for $279, and enough ink to produce 1,000 tattoos costs $119.

AI for pet's health

South Korea's TTcare presented a device that uses artificial intelligence (AI) methods to identify early health conditions in dogs and cats.

Users take pictures of their pet with their smartphone. Next, the AI software closely examines the images for signs of possible eye, skin or joint-related diseases and conditions, the company explains.

TTcare said the system's software was tested and approved by the country's Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

World's fastest toothbrush

Creators of the NylonBlack line of toothbrushes showed off their new products at CES. The company, Y-Brush, claims the devices can produce a full and effective brushing in just 10 seconds.

The toothbrush is designed in the shape of a Y in order to fit naturally in the mouth. Y-Brush says the NylonBlack toothbrushes are fast and effective because each contains 35,000 small brushing tools made out of the soft material nylon.

The battery-operated devices are equipped with vibration technology designed to remove plaque and other substances without damaging teeth or gums.

I'm Bryan Lynn.

Bryan Lynn wrote this story for VOA Learning English, based on reports from the Consumer Technology Association,


Words in This Story

interact – v. to talk and do things with other people

virtual reality – n. digital environments that can be entered and controlled by humans

vest – n. a piece of clothing with buttons at the front and not sleeves that is often worn over a shirt

battery – n. a device that provides and stores electricity for certain electronic devices

tattoo – n. drawing or writing (a picture, word, etc.) that is placed on someone's body by using a needle and ink

ink – n. a colored liquid used for writing, printing or drawing

artificial intelligence – n. the development of computer systems with the ability to perform work that normally requires human intelligence

vibration – n. quick, shaking movements

plaque – n. a harmful substance that forms on the teeth

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