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今天我们要学的词是 predicament. Predicament is spelled P-R-E-D-I-C-A-M-E-N-T, predicament.

predicament 的意思是困境。 International companies doing business in the West Bank and East Jerusalem face a unique predicament amid Israel’s push to annex part of the territory. 在以色列努力争取将约旦河西岸和东耶路撒冷部分地区划为己有之际,在当地开展业务的国际公司面临着独特的困境。

If enough international students leave the US, a lot of private universities would face a financial predicament as they’ve been depending on the lucrative body of international students for their full tuitions and fees. 如果有大量国际学生离开美国,很多私立大学将面临财务困境,因为他们一直依靠国际学生支付全额学杂费带来的丰厚利润。

好的,我们今天学习的词是 predicament, predicament, predicament ...
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