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今天我们要学的词是 spawn. Spawn is spelled S-P -A-W-N, spawn.

spawn 的原意是产卵。 A team at Tokyo University has successfully used stem cells to spawn some 1,700 rainbow trout from a single fish, a technique that could pave the way for preservation of endangered fish and enable their mass production. 东京大学的一个研究小组已经成功地利用干细胞从一条鱼诞生出约1,700条虹鳟鱼,这项技术可以为保护濒临灭绝的鱼类,并让其大量繁殖铺平道路。

spawn引申出来有繁殖、催生的意思。The first effective treatment of HIV/AIDS started it US medical trial 25 years ago. It spawned a generation
of drugs that saved countless lives and is still helping to prevent the spread of the virus today. 艾滋病毒的第一种有效疗法25年前在美国开始进行医学试验。它催生的一代治疗药物至今已挽救了无数生命,并仍在帮助预防这种病毒的传播。

好的,我们今天学习的词是 spawn, spawn, spawn ...
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