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今天我们要学的词是 propel. Propel is spelled P-R-O-P-E-L, propel.

propel 的意思是推进,推动。 With the launch of two NASA astronauts into orbit, SpaceX aims to propel the U.S. into a historic new era of commercially-led space exploration. SpaceX公司将两名美国宇航员送入太空轨道,目的是推动美国进入商业化太空探索的历史性新时代。

Double-digit revenue and profit growth propelled Progressive Corp. up this year's Fortune 500 ladder, while the home and auto insurer kept its No. 1 ranking among Cleveland-area companies. 美国前进保险公司两位数的营业额和利润增长将其推进至《财富》杂志的美国500强企业之列,而这家家庭和汽车保险公司在克利夫兰地区的企业中继续排名第一。

好的,我们今天学习的词是 propel, propel, propel ...
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