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学个词 ---forbid
学个词 ---forbid
今天我们要学的词是 forbid. Forbid is spelled F-O-R-B-I-D, forbid.

forbid 的意思是禁止,阻止。 Italy plans to reopen bars and restaurants as the country’s new coronavirus cases have decreased. However, getting around the country remains difficult as social distancing guidelines forbid using mass transit. 随着意大利新冠病毒感染的新病例有所减少,意大利计划重新开放酒吧和餐馆。不过由于保持社交距离的规定禁止使用公共交通工具,在意大利各地旅行仍然很困难。

Apple and Google have provided samples of what eventual coronavirus exposure apps might look like although they won't be developing the apps themselves and forbid the use of GPS-enabled location services. 苹果和谷歌推出了检测新冠病毒暴露风险的应用程序样品,不过它们不会自行开发这些应用程序,并禁止使用启动全球定位系统的定位服务。

好的,我们今天学习的词是 forbid, forbid, forbid ...
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