< 3450 enmesh

今天我们要学的词是 enmesh.


enmesh 的意思是缠住,卷入、陷入。 Ten Southeast Asian heads of state will hold their landmark annual meeting next week, and four are enmeshed in a maritime sovereignty dispute with their more powerful neighbor, China. 东南亚10国元首将于下周举行具有标志性的年度会议,其中4个国家与比它们强大的邻国中国陷入海洋主权争端。

U.S. State Department officials called out Chinese technology giants for being deeply enmeshed in Beijing's system of control at home and its strategic ambitions globally. 美国国务院官员公开指出,中国的科技巨头深深卷入北京对内控制体系及其全球战略野心。

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