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今天我们要学的词是 rite.


rite 的意思是正式仪式、典礼,例如常用于短语中 rite of passage,成人礼。Many Americans grew up believing that having a car was a crucial part of life and getting a driver's license was a rite-of-passage, showcasing the progress from being a kid to becoming an adult. 许多美国人在成长时期都相信,汽车是生活中的重要组成部分,拿到驾照则是一个成人礼,标志着从一个孩子变成大人。

From coast to coast the United States measures about 48-hundred kilometers. For many visitors a cross-country trip is something of a rite of passage. 美国大陆东西两岸相距4800公里,对许多人来说,横跨美国之旅就像一个跨跃人生阶段的仪式。

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