< 3377 prevalent

今天我们要学的词是 prevalent.


prevalent 的意思是流行的、普遍的。 A recent congressional hearing has highlighted U.S. lawmakers' concerns that foreign cybersecurity attacks have become more prevalent in this digital age. 美国国会最近一次听证会突显出,议员们对来自境外的网络安全攻击在当今数字时代变得越来越普遍感到担忧。

While many argue that broadband internet should be regarded as a public utility in the United States, high-speed connections are not as prevalent here as you may think. 虽然许多人认为宽带互联网应该被视为美国的公用事业,但宽带上网在这里并不像你想象的那么普遍。

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