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今天我们要学的词是 covet.

covet 的意思是贪图,令人渴望的。 The presidential hopefuls who covet the honor and privilege of being the leader of the U.S. are promising anything to get votes, but voters are skeptical about whether the politicians can deliver. 那些渴望得到美国总统的荣誉和特权的参选人们为赢得选票而做出各种承诺,但选民们对这些政客是否能够兑现承诺持怀疑态度。

Musicians who perform in New York City subway stations don't just show up there to earn a little cash and entertain commuters, they have to compete to perform in the coveted spots. 在纽约市地铁站表演的音乐家们不是随便出现在那里赚点钱、给过路人带来娱乐,他们必须经过竞争才能在那些令人垂涎的地方表演。

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