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今天我们要学的词是 gear up.

gear up 的意思是加紧准备。 Washington is gearing up for another annual celebration of Independence Day at the National Mall that many may find different from the traditional event. 华盛顿正在为国家大草坪上一年一度的美国独立日庆祝活动做准备,许多人可能会发现今年与往年的传统活动有所不同。

As U.S. officials prepare another antitrust probe of Google and possibly other Silicon Valley giants, their rival companies are gearing up to help. 随着联邦官员准备针对谷歌和其他硅谷巨头展开又一轮反垄断调查,这些大公司的竞争对手们正准备提供帮助。

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