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今天我们要学的词是 infuse.

infuse 的意思是注入,浸泡。 A recent video by Project Veritas shows Google employees and internal documents describing methods the company uses to infuse its politics into its products to push a worldview preferred by Google. Project Veritas最近的一段视频展示谷歌员工和内部文件描述该公司设法将其政治信息融入产品中,籍此推动谷歌所乐见的全球观点。

Technology is already capable of tricking most of our senses, for example, laser holography can create three-dimensional images and smells can be infused into the air. 技术已经能够让我们的大多数感官以假乱真,例如,激光全息术可以创建三维图像,味道也可以注入空气中。

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