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今天我们要学的词是 apolitical.

apolitical 的意思是远离政治的,与政治无关的。 Acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan told U.S. military personnel to remain apolitical at all times in response to fears that the military was bending to political demands. 美国代理国防部长沙纳汉告诉美军人员在任何时候都要保持远离政治,因为有人担心军方会屈从政治上的要求。

Leaked documents reveal that Brazil's most powerful prosecutors, who insist they are apolitical, instead plotted to prevent the Workers' Party from winning the 2018 presidential election. 泄密文件显示,巴西最强有力的检察官们尽管一直坚称远离政治,却谋划阻止工人党赢得2018年总统大选。

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