< 3346 paradigm

今天我们要学的词是 paradigm.

paradigm 的意思是模式、范例。The legislative and administrative restrictions on transfer of technology set out a new paradigm for US-China relations that will remain in place long after the Trump era. 对技术转让在立法和行政上进行限制建立了美中关系的新模式,这在后特朗普时代也将长久持续下去。

The collaboration of International law enforcement to simultaneously prosecute criminal hackers in multiple countries represents a paradigm shift in how cybercrime is investigated and prosecuted. 国际执法机构相互合作,在多个国家同时起诉违法法黑客,这显示出调查和起诉网络犯罪的模式发生转变。

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