< 3329 stoke

今天我们要学的词是 stoke.

stoke 是指把火拨旺,添柴加火,引申出来有挑动、激励的意思。 Critics say Putin's government uses the celebrations of Annual Victory Day to stoke patriotism but pays little attention to the need of aging World War II veterans. 批评人士说,普京政府利用一年一度的胜利日庆祝活动来激发爱国主义,但很少关注日渐衰老的二战老兵的需要。

Drastic drug price hikes in the U.S. by a handful of drugmakers have stoked outrage from patients, physicians and politicians nationwide. 美国少数制药商大幅提高药品价格,引起了患者、医生和政界人士的愤怒。

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