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今天我们要学的词是 austerity.

austerity 在新闻用语中常指开支紧缩。 Thousands of Puerto Ricans marched at a May Day event to protest austerity measures and demand the ouster of a federal control board overseeing the U.S. territory's finances. 数千名波多黎各人参加了五一节游行,抗议财政紧缩措施,并要求一个监督当地财政状况的联邦控制委员会走人。

Greece's economic dynamics were shaken by a debt crisis that led to a deep recession and forced Athens in 2010 to implement strict austerity measures in exchange for a massive international bailout. 希腊的经济形势由于债务危机受到冲击,导致其经济严重衰退,并迫使雅典在2010年实施严格的紧缩措施,以换取大规模的国际救助。

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