< 3319 poised

今天我们要学的词是 poised.

poised 的一个意思是准备好了,常常与 to 或者 for 联用。 Astronomers are poised to release new images that they say show glowing hot gas and plasma being drawn into a black hole. 天文学家们准备发布新的图像,他们说这些图像显示闪光的热气和等离子被吸入黑洞。

Disney is poised for a record-breaking year after its new release “Avengers: Endgame” brought in an estimated $350 million in ticket sales in its opening weekend. 迪斯尼在其新片《复仇者联盟:终结者》首映周末带来约3.5亿美元的票房收入后,已准备好迎接创纪录的一年。

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