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今天我们要学的词是 coffers.

coffer 是指贵重物品保险箱,coffers则特指一个组织、政党、政府的金库。 Algeria's political unrest threatens the Cuban government's coffers as its health-services-for-oil agreement with the North African country might come undone. 阿尔及利亚的政治动荡威胁到古巴政府的金库,因为古巴与这个北非国家以卫生服务换取石油的协议可能会被取消。

Gambia's president called for a report after accusing former president Yahya Jammeh of taking at least $90 million from state coffers during his years of rule. 冈比亚总统指责前总统叶海亚·贾梅在多年的统治期间从国库中获得至少9000万美元,之后呼吁提出报告。

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