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今天我们要学的词是 clarion.

Clarion 是指中世纪时期的一种铜号,因在战场上使用而引申为号角的意思。 Clarion常与call连用,意思是号召: Nobel laureates and experts, in a clarion call on Sunday, urged governments to promote active aging to ease the burden on social security systems. 诺贝尔奖得主和专家们星期日发出号召,呼吁政府推动积极老龄化,以减轻社会保障体系的负担。

A clarion call by China's legislature to implement a property tax scared investors into dumping real estate developers' stocks, even if the legal basis for the tax is at least five years away. 中国立法机构发声要落实财产税后,即使税法至少需要五年确立法律基础,投资者们仍出于担心而抛售房地产开发商的股票。

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