< 3288 xenophobia

今天我们要学的词是 xenophobia.

Xenophobia 的意思是排外主义。 The deadly mass shooting at two New Zealand mosques has rekindled dialogue and reflection about confronting hate and xenophobia in communities around the globe. 在新西兰两个清真寺发生的致命持枪滥杀事件重新引发了全球各地社区对仇恨和仇外心理的对话和思考。

Law enforcement officials believe that talking about the threat of crime posed by illegal foreigners is a real issue and should not be viewed as an xenophobic statement. 执法官员们认为,谈论违法外国人所构成的犯罪威胁是一个切实的问题,不应被视为仇外言论。

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