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今天我们要学的词是 fissure.

Fissure 的意思是狭长的裂缝、裂痕。 The recent Anti-Semitic tweets by a handful of House Democratic freshman highlight fissures in the Democratic Party's traditional support of Israel. 美国几名新科民主党议员最近发出的反犹太人推文凸显出民主党传统上对以色列的支持出现裂痕。

Last year, two visitors died in Yosemite National Park in a fall from an overlook popular for its breathtaking views of the valley and fissures on the granite rock. 有两名游客去年在优胜美地国家公园一个受欢迎的 观景点坠落丧生,那里可俯瞰山谷的壮观景色和花岗岩山体的裂纹。

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