< 3284 indigenous.

今天我们要学的词是 indigenous.

Indigenous 的意思是土著的,土生土长的。 The New Zealand government has set a goal of taking out all non-native predators by 2050 in order to protect the country's fragile indigenous wildlife. 新西兰政府制定了一个目标,要在2050年之前消除所有外来哺食动物,以保护该国脆弱的本土野生动植物。

The Brazilian government's plan to build a transmission line through the Amazon has been long resisted by the indigenous community, which argues they will suffer the project's impacts, but not its benefits. 巴西政府要修建一条穿越亚马逊的输电线路的计划一直受到当地土著社区的抵制,他们认为这个项目会让他们遭受影响,而不是带来好处。

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