< 1905 tailor
今天我们要学的词是 tailor. Tailor 动词,意思是“特制”,“量身订做”。Interior designers can tailor their designs to meet the customers' needs. 室内装璜设计师可以根据顾客的要求来设计。This article teaches you how to tailor your social media presence to catch employers' attention.这篇文章教你如何改进自己在社交网站上的形象,以此吸引雇主的眼球。The research findings allow doctors to tailor treatment to kill patients' cancer cells more effectively. 这项研究的结果让医生能为癌症病人量身打造疗程,更加有效地消灭癌细胞。好的,今天我们学习的词是 tailor, tailor, tailor.
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