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今天我们要学的词是 partial. Partial 形容词,部分的。麻萨诸塞州一份研究显示,The partial government shutdown is costing the U.S. $160 million each business day. 美国政府部分停摆,每个工作日造成的经济损失达1.6亿美元。A California wildfire forced a partial evacuation of a Southern California military base. 加州野火迫使加州南部的一个军事基地被迫部分疏散。The U.S. Army will implement a partial ban on tattoos for its new recruits, barring them from showing tattoos below their elbows and knees or above their necklines. 美国陆军新兵纹身将受到限制,肘关节和膝关节一下,领口以上不能看到纹身。好的,今天我们学习的词是partial, partial, partial.
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